The Children's Institute Of Fashion Arts Seeks To Help The Next Generation

The Children’s Institute of Fashion Arts is a nonprofit organization based in New York City. The organization is helping students learn about the culture and craft of clothing. You learn about the history and culture of fashion as well as how fashion impacts society. You can test your creativity through engaging in sewing and design. Sewing is considered a basic skill that CIFA believes everyone should practice. You will also learn how clothing construction is similar to engineering. The creative process will teach children how to overcome adversity and achieve success. Hands-on learning helps create engagement. CIFA runs after school programs throughout New York to help kids learn more information through a special fashion based curriculum. CIFA students also have the option to sign up for different workshops outside of school. In the future, CIFA plans to expand to help serve more children.

Mission Statement

CIFA is committed to helping children learn about their authentic selves. Embracing your creativity can help you become a problem solver. CIFA helps create unique educational experiences for children to help them learn how fashion has a direct impact on multiple aspects of society. CIFA has an immersive curriculum that appeals to children of all ages and learning styles.

Online Sewing

Sewing provides unique benefits. Online sewing provides unique experiences. Sewing is a transferable skill that you can use anywhere in the real world. Sewing has several unique benefits, as it allows you to develop creative problem-solving skills. Online sewing classes give children the opportunity to develop a life skill. Even if you decide that you don’t want to be a fashion designer, sewing is a skill that can help you grow.

Home School

Homeschool sewing classes are available too. You can learn practical skills, such as how to repair clothing or make alterations to your wardrobe. This is a useful skill that can help you throughout your lifetime. Children will learn how to process information, follow directions, and enrich their creative minds. Education has lifelong benefits. Learning how to sow is a useful and practical skill.

Design Classes

Online design classes help teach kids about important concepts and ideas. If your child decides they aren’t interested in pursuing a designing career, they will still gain a valuable skill. There are different age groups for the online classes at CIFA. The curriculum constantly evolves to keep kids engaged and interested in the subject. If CIFA can help aspiring young artists or designers develop into a superstar, that’s a bonus.