Art Builds Our Children's Minds and Emotions

Do you remember how exciting it was to get a brand new box of crayons and a coloring book? Or when one of your teachers hung your artwork on the wall? Or how it felt to play with finger paints? Or how exciting it was to dress a baby doll? These memories are key to our development and art plays an important role in all stages of our lives.

Creating art is an important part of a child’s development and is beneficial in so many different ways. Teachers, therapists, parents, artists and kids all agree that art encourages fine motor skills, problem solving abilities, helps deal with emotions and is an overall fun way to create and express themselves. Take a look at all the ways art is important.

Art Encourages Creativity: Art is a way children of all ages can express their individuality, make something beautiful and expand their thinking. Unlike math or other STEM subjects that are bound to exact rules and facts, art encourages creative thinking. Art is the one way for a child to think outside the box, color outside the lines and create to their hearts' content.

Art Strengthens Fine Motor Skills: Paint brushes, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, glue bottles, glitter, paper, beads, play dough and all the other items a child uses to create art strengthens their fine motor skills as well as builds hand, eye coordination, and dexterity. Engaging in art helps strengthen fine motor skills in a fun, entertaining way. It also allows them to incorporate many different supplies into their projects.

Art Encourages Neural Connections: The five senses, sight, sound, hearing, smell and taste are all engaged when creating art. Children’s brains and textures and other activities, neural connections are developed and nurtured.

Art Develops Problem Solving Skills: Art provides unlimited opportunities to make different choices, coming to conclusions, evaluating results, comparing with others, all key to developing problem solving skills. Art helps them be flexible thinkers, have confidence in their abilities, ideas and so much more.

Art Helps Kids Connect and Accept Others: Art is a universal fun, social and common ground for children from all walks of life. It helps bridge the age gap, intelligence levels, likes, dislikes and ability differences in a fun, no-judgment way. Art promotes open-minded thinking and exploration. It provides an outlet for acceptance.

Art Is An Emotional Outlet: Art, whether it is musical, culinary, drawing, painting, or other creative expression, is a way to get a handle on emotions, both negative and positive. Creating something beautiful, takes your mind off your worries and is constructive while therapeutic at the same time.

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