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Greene Hill School  Thursday afternoons 3:15-4:15

The Children’s Institute of Fashion Arts (the CIFA) presents the Greene Hill Sewing Club

Teacher: Jaime Lindhal


This series of classes will focus on hand sewing and design.  Students will learn various hand sewing techniques and make projects of their own design based on provided ideas and templates.  Students start with making stuffed animals out of felt and new projects are introduced every few weeks.  Students are given the option of continuing with the same type of project, expanding their skill and design complexity, or they can enjoy the thrill and challenge of embracing new projects. 


Hand sewing techniques:  running stitch, back or lock stitch, slip stitch, and various embroidery stitches.

Beginning projects include: stuffed animals, small bags with drawstring or zipper, easy clothing items for animals, dolls, or humans, embellishments.


Students learn to slow down, be flexible and persistent, and to create things from their own imagination.  Once they understand and are able to do the basic techniques, they learn to take those skills and use them in increasingly complicated projects. 


$25.00 per class x 15 classes =$375.00

Ages 8 and up

10 students only

Call Jaime @ 646-593-1369 or Britta @ 646-221-9121 with questions.