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School Day program for 4th Grade

Our program, "Textiles in Colonial America" coincides with Common Core Curriculum on History, Science, and Art. 


In this three session series, we teach the social, scientific, historical, and practical aspects of life in early America. 

Students learn the skills of working with fibers, making and embellishing fabric, in order to understand the tasks that made up life.  We offer the perspectives of Native Americans,  Europeans, and African Americans so children can understand the history and context of the beginning of our nation.  Throughout this set of lessons, we discuss the connections between everyday life and the people living it, our developing nation, industry, immigration, and work. We emphasize the culture and craft of clothing as a way to understand the social aspects of life at the time.  We offer a variety of accompanying kits for each of the three sessions, as well as curriculum modules and online video tutorials.  


Coming Fall 2020!


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