We've got you covered!  Let's keep these creative kids going!

We offer four types of programs:

1. Afterschool programs in sewing and design.  Sewing = hand-skills, math, engineering, art and creativity. 

We have also found that sewing is meditative, connective, and calming.  Children have told us our sewing afterschool program is the one thing they look forward to!  Kits available, or bring your own!


2.  Register Now!  for our 3rd annual Free Fashion Arts Workshop!  For the seriously interested child!


Classes meet remotely in real time over four Sundays in October.  We will send kits that include tools, supplies, and fabric.  We will provide both video tutorials and live instruction with our dedicated teachers.  Parents and kids just need to commit and participate!  Limited number of spots.  Sign up for our mailings to stay informed/ register here: 

3. We are on YouTube.  You will find projects for complete beginners and more!

Please subscribe to see new programs as they come.

4. School day program for 4th Grade: Textiles in Colonial America. We bring fourth graders into the live hands-on, textiles and clothing construction activities that helped early Americans create their world. 

Aligned with the common core curriculum! For schools, pods, and  home-schooling. 


Please email us for any immediate questions or concerns:  info@theCIFA.org.  Let us help you and your kids!

The Children's Institute of Fashion Arts
is a 501c3 charitable organization devoted to expansive education in the culture and craft of clothing to connect kids to themselves and their world.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our cause as we build into a full-service, hands-on, children's institute in Manhattan's Garment District.

For additional information, please feel free to contact us:

Children's Institute of Fashion Arts

P.O. Box 827

Times Square Station

New York, NY 10108


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